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Feminized Seeds - Valley of Oreoz

Feminized Seeds - Valley of Oreoz

  • 5 Feminized Seeds Per Pack


  • Valley of Oreoz is a unique hybrid strain born from the fusion of two distinct cannabis strains: SFV OG and Oreoz
  • These parent strains contribute their own remarkable characteristics to create a well-balanced and flavorful hybrid
  • Valley of Oreoz offers a combination of effects that can be both relaxing and creatively stimulating, making it a versatile choice for cannabis enthusiasts


  • Valley of Oreoz presents a visually appealing profile with medium to dark green buds accented by touches of neon green and purple
  • These dense nuggets are adorned with amber pistils and a generous coat of thick trichomes, creating a visually captivating flower


  • Aromas: Valley of Oreoz offers an aromatic blend of sweet chocolate, nuttiness, and hints of diesel, creating an enticing scent
  • Flavor: When consumed, this strain delivers notes of sweet chocolate and nuttiness, with subtle undertones of diesel, creating a delightful flavor experience

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